Monday, January 12, 2009


Pescadillas might be my new favorite food. Lightly fried corn tortillas stuffed with fried fish. Bought from the most polite little kids you ever saw. They would walk around the idyllic beaches we stayed on in Micoacan for a week over the new year and call out their wares, then come by and sell them for 5 pesos (like less than 40 cents with the current exchange rate) a piece. Then we'd cut them open and generously squeeze on the hot sauce. Makes me hunger thinking about it.

So I am back in Richmond where it is cold, very very cold. The semester begins today so there's a new schedule to figure out and stories to get back to writing. So hard to move Mexico to the periphery of my mind. While away, I read two fabulous books: The Boat, a collection of stories by Nam Le and White Tiger, a new (kind of) novel about India by Aravind Adiga. And finally I started Hakawati by Rabih Allamedine. More about those next time.