Wednesday, July 15, 2009


These are the worms one of G's friends cooked up in our house last Saturday night. They brought them from Tuxtla. Apparently they're a delicacy and it's the season. (Ants, too, which we roasted over the barbecue the next night, but that's another story.) As soon as word got around they were being cooked, the party that had been next door moved mostly to our house. You could stretch the things out, joint by joint, which was what the cook did, to make them cook faster. Fried up, they didn't taste like much, but it was sort of an insane thing, and this pretty girl went around with a plate, offering them. Some people screwed up their noses, but most gave it a try. I'm not sure if eating the things was the reason, but the party got pretty insane. Shall we blame it on the worms? Or the mezcal and tequila? Or my delicious flan?


stacey said...

i can totally hear you going around, "excuse me, would you like some worms?" i would assume deep fried they wouldn't taste like much. those suckers are pretty big! i'm sure the liquor had absolutely nothing to do with you being able to down them!

do you buy them dead or alive? when they're cooked are they still alive when you pull them joint by joint to lengthen them? can we get a recipe here! some cooking suggestions, perhaps!?

AWP said...

they were frozen when they were brought to us. then thawed in the bag...then put in a pan with some oil and chili. you just pull them out and the joints straighten themselves. yes, big as a finger.

Chile Willy said...

worms! crazy what a trip...i imagine them to be a bit gamey.